As a user of Ve-Go’s mobile applications, websites and services (collectively, the “Ve-Go] Service”), you have full control of your hotel stay experience. We know you want to remain in control of your personal information as well and realize that earning and retaining your trust is of paramount importance and it’s a responsibility we take very seriously. That’s why we’ve provided this Privacy Policy, which sets forth Ve-Go’s policies regarding the collection, use and protection of the personal information of those using the Ve-Go Service. Personal information means information that can be linked to a specific individual, such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and credit and/or debit card number. We encourage you to review our Privacy Policy, and become familiar with it, but you should know that we do not sell or rent our customers’ personal information to third parties. Please note that we review our Privacy Policy from time to time, and we make changes to the policy in connection with that review. Therefore, you may wish to periodically review this page to make sure that you have the current version.

This Privacy Policy explains the following:

What personal information does Ve-Go collect and how is it used?

You are not required to provide any personal information to us unless and until you download Ve-Go’s mobile application and entered your hotel stay confirmation number or created a profile account. We do not knowingly permit the Ve-Go Service to be used by any person under the age of eighteen and we do not knowingly collect any personal information from children (meaning those younger than thirteen years of age). A valid credit or debit card is required to book a hotel stay using the Ve-Go Service.

Member Registration

You will be able to begin using the Ve-Go Service by downloading Ve-Go’s mobile application and entering your hotel stay confirmation number or creating a profile account. If you choose to create a profile account, you must provide your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, password, and password validation, and a password hint to help you remember your password. Some of this information will already be filled in from prior hotel bookings. We collect this information for several reasons including: (i) personal identification; (ii) to complete reservations; (iii) to allow us to contact you for customer service purposes, if necessary; (iv) to customize the content of the Ve-Go Service to meet your specific needs; and (v) to make product .

Making a Purchase

In order to book a hotel stay using the Ve-Go Service, you must provide us with certain personal information such as your name, your credit or debit card number and expiration date, your credit or debit card billing address, your telephone number, and your e-mail address. This information may already be in your profile account. We may also ask you for other personal information, such as your hotel rewards numbers, if it is not already in your profile account. We require this information so that we can process, fulfill and confirm your reservations and transactions and keep you informed of their status.

Express Consent To Receive Pre-Recorded And Text Messages

When you book a hotel stay using the Ve-Go Service, you must provide us with a contact telephone number and email address. We will use one or both methods of contact in the event that we need to inform you of changes or other matters that may affect your hotel stay. If we contact you via your telephone number, we may use an automatic telephone dialing system, artificial or prerecorded voice messages, or text messages to provide you with such updates. If we contact you via your email address, we may use a standard language, no-reply email to provide you with such updates. When you provide us with a mobile telephone number and email address as the methods of contact for a trip, you agree that you are providing us with your express consent to receive prerecorded voice messages, text messages, or emails from Ve-Go or our third party suppliers and content providers (“Third Party Suppliers”) related to your booking.

Newsletters and Hotel Fare Alerts

Ve-Go’s newsletters and our hotel fare alert services are optional communications you may choose to subscribe to that keep you up to date with the latest special hotel stay deals. Hotel fare alerts track the prices of hotel stays and services at your favorite hotels. When the price for one of your favorite hotels changes based on your preferences, Ve-Go will notify you of the change via e-mail. Your e-mail address and preferred hotels are necessary to receive hotel fare alert emails.

Online Surveys

Ve-Go values opinions and comments from members, so we frequently conduct online surveys. Participation in these surveys is optional. Typically, we aggregate the information we collect and use it to make improvements to the Ve-Go Service and to develop appealing content, features and promotions for customers. Survey participants are anonymous unless otherwise stated in the survey.

Promotions & Sweepstakes

Ve-Go may sponsor promotions and sweepstakes to give customers the opportunity to win hotel stays and hotel-related prizes. The information we collect for such activities can include historical bookings made, historical shopping behavior, contact information and survey questions. We use contact information to notify contest winners and we use survey information to develop promotions and product improvements to the Ve-Go Service.